I've begun using Revelation to manage my new passwords, but I have some old passwords stored in a Figaro's Password Manager database. The FPM and Revelation databases have different passwords; I don't know if that matters.

I opened my revelation data file and then did File -> Import and found my ~/.fpm/fpm file. It seemed to import okay, and I could examine and change passwords that I had imported from FPM.

When I saved and quit, however, when I re-open and unlock my Revelation file, I am shown a message box that says:

        Invalid file format

        The file '/home/paulproteus/svn/private/revelation-data' contains 

(I, for one, can just "svn revert" that file, but not everyone is so lucky.)

I'm running Revelation 0.4.7. I had this problem with Revelation 0.4.5 as well. I'd love to do whatever is helpful (that doesn't expose my passwords) that would help get this resolved. (-:

-- Asheesh.

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