I'm a happy user of revelation for nearly a year, and I have nearly none complaints. The main two are:

- It's hard to control revelation with the keyboard alone. This is mostly due to the key bindings, well, I mean, who would think of 'ctrl-insert' as the default for adding a new entry? I don't know how often I typed 'Ctrl+n' and was rewarded with an empty list of credentials ...

- I really dislike the split of revelation and the gnome applet. Really. One lets me edit the passwords, the other one gives me a quick and easy to use interface to access my credentials. Why is that? I'd rather have revelation to have a single check box in the preferences that enables a notification area icon. And also closing revelation would minimize it to the tray (if the option is enabled), left clicking would bring the window to front (unminimizing it if necessary), while right clicking would popup the list of credentials much like the applet does now. One note: I never used the search box, but it uses up a lot of panel space. Having a tray icon instead of the applet would do away with it which might not appeal to some. A solution to that could be a hotkey like deskbar or tomboy use, pressing Ctrl-Alt-F5 or something :-)

I am perfectly willing to add the code to revelation (as soon as I start to write it, that is), but I have no intention of maintaining a private fork for months to come, so I'd really like to have this in the main distribution ...

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