On Fri, 2006-07-28 at 15:14 +0200, Mass Dosage wrote:
> I first tried to get Revelation working on SuSe 9.1 about 6 months ago
> with no luck. I have just upgraded to SuSe 10.1 and thought I'd give
> it another go, but after a horrible morning spent in dependency hell,
> I have to give up again. I've searched around on the net and nobody
> seems to provide binaries for installing on SuSe. I get all kinds of
> errors using the latest source with ./configure complaining about my
> version of pygtk not being "high" enough but it *is*. I get the
> feeling pkg_config is reporting the wrong values. I have messed around
> with various environment variables, pointing them to my pygtk
> installation with no luck.

Hm, weird. I don't know of any SuSE packages, but you should be able to
install from source on most modern distros.

Could you post the output from ./configure?

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