Andreas Sliwka wrote:
> Greetings,
>  I just had one of my wonderful ideas that most people don't seem to
> recognize as such :-) What about removing the search entry of the
> application/applet completely? You thing its great? Oh no you say, how
> can I search my 200+ accounts without it? Well, how do you search your
> 20.000+ files? With deskbar, right? Why not searching the accounts your
> stored in revelation with deskbar?

I'm happy to chime in as a small-time revelation user.  The fact that
revelation data is secret and encrypted makes me a little worried about
using external tools to search it, and it complicates the UI for looking
at the search results.  The in-program search makes this very easy.

Can you be clearer about how you might handle those challenges?

Also, I don't use deskbar, but I'm behind the times, and I have no major
problem being dragged feet-first into the modern era.

-- Asheesh.

Your love life will be happy and harmonious.

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