If you are doing a release soon, I would like to include LUKS support.
I have updated my patch to the latest svn code (revision 564).  I have
been using this patch for months now with my own personal passwords....
it works great.

There are a few points in the GUI that could be changed, like assuming a
default of 5000 iterations (and maybe allowing to change in the settings
somewhere), or other GUI stuff like the choice of wording.  I'll let you
work that out, I don't have much preference.


For now you need to copy AfSplitter.py, luks.py, and PBKDFv2.py into the
datahandler install directory
(/usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/revelation/datahandler/ on my

(PS, I can use the decrypt.py on my site to read the contents of the
save file produced by revelation, and have also successfully used the
linux kernel to read the data!)


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