On Sun, 3 Dec 2006, Erik Grinaker wrote:

Hi all,

I've been considering using a default data file, such as ~/.revelation/accounts, instead of using the new/open/save behaviour we have now.

Vote +1.

However, I think you should have a preferences option, both to configure the location of that file, and to re-enable "Multi-file mode".

I *definitely* believe in auto-saving.

FWIW, the way I use Revelation is by keeping my Revelation data file in a private Subversion repository so it syncs between computers. So the path to my Revelation data is ~/svn/private/revelation-data . With the new suggested behavior, I could configure that with a symlink or in the GUI, but I'd prefer to do it in the GUI.

It should also be possible to merge in data from a different Revelation file, for example if the user uses the same file on many computers - in which case equal entries are ignored, modified entries are updated, and new ones are added.

That's excellent.  Some of my different machines have gotten out of sync!

The downside, of course, is if the user needs to access different account databases - for example, one private database for his own passwords, and a shared one used by everyone at work, for example.

The best way to handle this, I think, is to have a switch between the two behavior modes. Some would call that bloat, though; what do you (all) think? A checkbox in a menu (not in a dialog inside a menu) for "Multi-file mode", maybe.

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