Revelation is a password manager for the GNOME 2 desktop, released under
the GNU GPL license. It stores all your accounts and passwords in a
single, secure place, and gives you access to it through a user-friendly
graphical interface.

This release adds support for translations, including 4 new
translations. It is also a port to GTK 2.8 / GNOME 2.10, adds support
for LUKS-encrypted files and SplashID data files, and fixes quite a few
bugs including issues with icon loading, file saving, and more.

New features:
- translation support
- ported to gtk+ 2.8 and gnome 2.10
- added LUKS file import/export [John Lenz]
- added SplashID CSV file import [Devan Goodwin]
- cleaned up preferences dialog
- only show Revelation files by default in open and save dialogs

- improved error detection during file saving
- handle errors while loading icons [Wade Berrier]
- scale icons with improper sizes
- use new icon for ftp accounts (old one removed from gnome-icon-theme)
- fixed crash when doubleclicking tree with no entry selected
- password generator now always avoids ambiguous characters
- password checker and generator follow "show passwords" preference
- don't use passwords in default goto commands
- HIG fixes
- added missing config.guess and config.sub autoconf files

- added chinese translation [Dancefire]
- added french translation [Gilles Accad]
- added german translation [Christian Sagmueller]
- added swedish translation [Daniel Nylander]

Code changes:
- improved build scripts
- generate ChangeLog from subversion log during make dist
- removed gnomemisc module
- don't use deprecated gnome-python modules
- moved convert_entry_generic() to the Entry.convert_generic() method

Project website:


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