I have a fpm file that fails to export. I launch FPM 0.60 (as packaged in Debian testing) with the FPM file I've attached. I do File->Export passwords, and a dialog comes up telling me it has "Exported clear text passwords to /home/paulproteus/.fpm/fpm.export and /home/paulproteus/.fpm/fpm.export.asc". I then quit the program. All in all, I got this output on the console:

        [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/.fpm$ fpm
        Loading launchers...
        Loaded 1 passwords.
        Export file /home/paulproteus/.fpm/fpm.export
        error : xmlEncodeEntitiesReentrant : input not UTF-8
        encoding error : output conversion failed due to conv error, bytes 0xCC 
0xE8 0x65 0x2F
        I/O error : encoder error
        Saved 1 passwords.
        [EMAIL PROTECTED]:~/.fpm$

fpm.export is a zero-length file.  I'm attaching fpm.export.asc also.

The file, when imported into password manager Revelation, corrupts the target revelation file, so I'm CC:ing the list for that program, too. I created this file with FPM, which I have been using since about 2000. It seems to me that both FPM and Revelation should have fixes/workarounds for this, since files like this one occur in the wild with real FPM use.

The password for the attached FPM file is "password".

-- Asheesh.

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Description: Binary data

passwd=SvZZKJteGgyBxSB18Th_qKy4F�`Y!��e/��!S�aEp��pn�q��}�t��u 
yE�]�͙�F�QyK�V   e���[~
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