Hi Travis,

Apologies for the late reply - I've been pretty busy with other stuff
lately, and I wanted to give this some thought. Really appreciate the
good suggestions!

On Sun, 2007-01-14 at 16:48 -0800, Travis Snoozy wrote:
> 1. Searching for weak passwords/file-wide audit.

Great idea - added as ticket #206.

> 2. CVS/SVN accounts (maybe save for "custom" account types?)

Yeah, with custom account types you should be able to create these
yourself, but I might include a Version Control System account type by
default as well.

> 3. Handling for accounts with multiple purposes, but one log-in (e.g., a 
> Google
>    account). With the folder-based approach, this would probably mean some 
> sort
>    of soft-linking scheme.

Actually, from 0.5.0 I will be using tags instead of folders - then
you'll just be able to tag your google account with web and email for
example, and it will show up on both searches.

> 4. When doing an FPM import, use a "website" account type and fill in the URL 
> if
>    the FPM URL/Cmd field starts with an http:// or https://.

Absolutely, great idea. Same goes for ftp:// or other protocols. Added
ticket #207 for this.

> 5. Support for entering multi-line notes without having to resort to
>    cut-and-paste from an external app.

Yep - the new file format in 0.5.0 will include a multi-line note field.

> 6. Fields for those stupid "[in]security questions" some sites insist on.

You can add your own fields for this with the new file format (each
account can have any number of additional fields).

> 7. A "most frequently used" or similar, customizable view would be really 
> handy
>    (I spent most of my time in FPM on the "default" list).

Kind of unsure about this - I'll give it some thought and include it if
I can do so without too much cruft in the user interface and file

> 8. The "phone" account type is confusing -- is it for a phone you own, or for 
> a
>    phone number you call and "log in" to? If the latter is the case, there 
> needs
>    to be a field for a user ID, not just a PIN. If the former is the case, a 
> new
>    account type for the latter would be nice.

I initially meant it to be a PIN for a mobile phone you own, but it
should be usable for anything phone-related (voicemail, phone banks,
whatever). It would be quite useful with a user id field in that case,

> 9. Auto-saving of old passwords when generating a new password (e.g., a 
> history
>    list).

Yes, definitely. Either it should just store a history for all password
fields by default, or we'll include an options for it. It should also be
possible to edit or purge the history. Added ticket #208 for this.

> 10. The ability to choose the length of the password at generation-time 
> (instead
>     of pre-configuring a set length). This is important, because some sites 
> are
>     obnoxious, and limit the length of passwords. Also, toggles similar to FPM
>     for digits/special characters would be nice, since again, some sites 
> forbid
>     these. Just clone the whole FPM interface for this one. :p

Hehe, allright - I'll see what I can come up with without adding too
much cruft to the user interface (the password widget is already quite
full, apart from the entry itself there's an integrated password checker
and the password generator button).

> Also, Revolution crashed 2-3 times while I was updating the account 
> information
> from the imported database. Since I have a lot of passwords, this wasn't too
> bad, but it does worry me just a little (e.g., if I generate a new password 
> for
> an existing account, don't save, update the account, and then Revelation
> crashes). I'll post a bug if I can manage to find a consistent repro.

Yeah, I've had some reports of strange crashes. I haven't been able to
reproduce any of these, and the only crashes I ever see are pure Python
bugs (ie, you will get an "Unknown Error" dialog with a traceback). I
would very much appreciate it if you could try to track this down.

I suspect some crashes might be due to the icon entry used in the
password entry field - some users reported that when they entered a
password and the state changes from insecure to secure (ie the icon
changes) they got a crash.

> Great work so far; thanks for taking on a utility like this, and for 
> supporting
> such a wide variety of password manager file formats.

Thanks, glad you like it - feel free to make other suggestions as
well :)

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