On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 11:27 -0800, Travis Snoozy wrote:
> Quick bug report:
> 1. Set up Revelation to automatically open an existing file on startup
> 2. Start Revelation
> 3. Click in the text label area ("The file 'foo' is encrypted. [...]")
> Expected:
>   Nothing should happen; it's a read-only label
> Actual:
>   Cursor focus goes to the text field
> This may affect other instances of that window as well; I haven't
> tried.

This would affect all dialogs, and is intentional - it is to make it
easy for people to copy/paste the text if they need to. It is also
required by the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines:

"Make both the primary and secondary text selectable. This makes it easy
for the user to copy and paste the text to another window, such as an
email message."

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