On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 08:26 -0400, Devan Goodwin wrote:
> Sounds great, Revelation will be a very well rounded tool once those
> are available.

Yep, I think so too :) After this I think we'll mostly need a bit of
polish, and then we can push 1.0 out the door.

> I'm still on the prowl for an open source project to get involved
> with, if you come across anything while coding you'd like to offload
> or a second pair of eyes on please feel free to let me know. I have a
> couple minor projects of my own on the go but nothing overly time
> consuming or exciting, and would be happy to lend a hand.

That would be awesome! Everything that needs to be done is registered in
the Trac, feel free to pick something that seems interesting:


Although, a word of warning - 0.5.0 will be more or less a complete
rewrite, so the trunk is in constant flux, most likely quite broken, and
it might be quite hard to do any work on it. So it might be a good idea
to wait until I get most of the core work done...

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