On Tue, 2007-02-13 at 08:15 -0600, Shane Bishop wrote:
> Well, I was going to get around to this eventually, although these
> aren't actually feature requests for the file format, but since you're
> revamping stuff, just wanted to make you aware of a couple things I
> thought would be nice, in case they have any effect on the
> implementation. 

I don't think any of this would be affected by the file format, but
thanks anyway for the suggestions.

> 1. is there currently a way to sort accounts? If not, that would be
> very nice. Alpha by username would be fine, although I suppose other
> fields (first or last name) could be useful too.

Not currently - in 0.5.0 everything will be sorted alphabetically by the
account name, and "live" searching will be the primary interface to find

> 2. I noticed there is already a 'copy password' option. How difficult
> would it be to add a 'copy username' function? 

Well, there already is, kind of. In the preferences, you can enable
"Also copy username when copying password" - when you do "copy password"
both the username and the password will be copied to the clipboard, such
that your first paste will paste the username and the second paste will
paste the password.

> 3. Lastly, would it be possible (or maybe this isn't desirable for the
> majority of users) to have toobar buttons for copy password (and copy
> username, if it is implemented).

Possibly, I will give it some consideration.

> I may be able to use work time (since this is where we use it) to
> pitch in on this, but I'll have to do a major refresher on coding and
> such. 

Sure thing, you're more than welcome to help out if you can. Although,
as I wrote in my previous email, the trunk is very unstable these days
and might be hard to work on.

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