On Tue, 13 Feb 2007 23:36:43 +0900, Erik Grinaker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> > 3. Lastly, would it be possible (or maybe this isn't desirable for
> > the majority of users) to have toobar buttons for copy password
> > (and copy username, if it is implemented).
> Possibly, I will give it some consideration.


My usual mantra applies: FPM did it, and I used it all the time :).

Having the copy username/password as a global switch leads me to just
disable it outright, because there are oddball cases where it's not the
desired behavior (e.g., changing a password, which requires a password,
but no username). Furthermore, I tend to copy usernames only on certain
accounts, not on every account, so it works out better for me anyway
(YMMV, of course).



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