On 2/19/07, Karoly Molnar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I think breaking the relationship between the account types (or
> templates) and the actual entries will make things much less
> convenient. Modifying an existing account type (or a template) is
> quite likely going to be something I would use, having to manually
> recreate or alter the fields on every existing entry of that type
> would not be pleasant.
Please let me know a real life situation when you'd use this feature
I'm really curious. I'd like to emphasize that I'm not criticizing or
want to defend my standpoint (I don't have one) I'm just simply
interested in what situation you'd need this.

Not sure about examples, it would have to be something I got wrong
initially in the template and later changed my mind about. Perhaps I
mistakenly created a template with a password as a text box, and
imported a bunch of entries, then decided I wanted to change that
field to as password type to take advantage of the history.

Being able to customize any entry has it's selling points too, but I
think my personal preference would be to maintain control of the types
and existing entries, and push customizations and one off's into a
notes field.



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