There seems to be some misunderstandings about the current plans for
implementing accounts and account types, so here is a quick description
to try to clear some things up.

Account types specifies which fields accounts created from them will
contain. In addition, account types contain common data for the accounts
belonging to them, notably the icon and the launcher. They have this

- id: a unique id for the type (used for file merging etc)
- name: a name for the type (for example, "Website")
- description: a description for the type, used for tooltips etc
- icon: an icon for the type (common to all accounts)
- launcher: the default launcher for the type (can be overridden)
- fields: a set of fields for the accounts

Accounts will be created based on their type, with the fields from the
type and some metadata. They are linked to the type they were created
from. They have this data:

- id: a unique id for the account (used for file merging etc)
- name: a name for the account
- description: a short description
- note: a multi-line note
- launcher: a custom launcher (overrides default launcher)
- tags: a set of tags, or keywords, for the account
- fields: a set of fields for the account

Revelation will come with a default set of account types, which are used
when creating a new datafile, but any of these types can be modified or
removed at will, and new ones can be created. There will be no
restrictions on this. When fields are added, changed, or removed from an
account type, corresponding changes will also be made to the accounts
belonging to them.

It is also possible to add fields to specific accounts which are not
present in the account type, and fields from the account type can also
be removed from individual accounts. The account type launcher can also
be overridden by custom launcher on any individual account, but the
account type launcher is used as a fallback of none is found on the

There seems to be a conception that having account types will require
hard-coded functionality or specific code paths for various account
types. This is wrong, and I do not understand why one would have that
impression. Revelation will be completely data-driven - again, any of
the account types can be removed or modified at will, and new ones can
be added.

So, to try to get this discussion down on the ground: what specific
functionality do you believe this data structure would prohibit?

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