Hi all,

Regarding the new file format, I haven't really decided if we're gonna
put launcher configuration in the data file, or store it as
configuration in gconf. This seems to be an either/or decision, and
there are pros and cons with both approaches:

Storing the launchers (both type-wide and custom) in the datafile is
convenient when moving the account file to a different computer, as
you'll instantly have access to your old launchers. However, the new
computer may be running different software, or it may be a file shared
by many users, some of which use GNOME and some which use KDE (for
example). It is also very easy to back up your launchers, just take a
backup of the account file.

Storing them in gconf seems more "right" as this is configuration data
(will be different for various computers and users). However, consider
you have set up custom launchers on a whole bunch of accounts, and then
open the file on a different computer - you'll have to recreate all the
custom launchers there, or migrate the gconf configuration which is a
real pain.

I'm leaning towards storing it in gconf, but would like some feedback
from you all.

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