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> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007 21:38:16 +0900, Erik Grinaker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > Regarding the new file format, I haven't really decided if we're gonna
> > put launcher configuration in the data file, or store it as
> > configuration in gconf. This seems to be an either/or decision, and
> > there are pros and cons with both approaches:
> <snip>
> Is there something bad about doing both? I.e., have the user's direct
> preferences in the data file itself, and fall back to system defaults
> if those aren't present? ("Your preferred launcher for this account
> could not be found. Would you like to use the system default? [ ] Don't
> ask again [Yes] [No] [Never]")

Well, there are no system defaults, only the defaults shipped with
Revelation. And it is very likely that the user will change these, and
if not then the defaults would be the same for everyone anyway (using
GNOME apps), which brings us back to the original problem.

> Naturally, you could just stub out the fallback if you don't want to
> code it right this very instant. Does KDE et. al. have gconf available
> as well? Or is running on other desktops a non-goal?

Revelation is a GNOME application, and one of the main design goals is
to tightly integrate with GNOME. But GConf is available on any system
that has it installed, and Revelation will run on KDE as long as you
have the GNOME libraries installed. It will still look and feel alien
though, being a GNOME app.

Using native libraries for various desktop environments is never going
to happen, as this would basically mean rewriting and maintaining a
separate version of the Revelation user interface for every desktop
environment. But there's nothing stopping anyone from writing a password
manager for KDE (or Windows, or whatever) that uses the same file format
as Revelation.

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