On Sun, 2007-07-29 at 22:06 +0330, Mehdi Hassanpour wrote:
> Unfortunately, I've lost my revelation's master password! I have my
> revelation file created with revelation in Ubuntu Dapper and now
> wanted to open it in revelation Ubuntu Feisty but can't.
> Is there anyway I can recover my master revelation password? 
> If no, I wish you could add a feature like asking a secret question
> etc., to recover the master password for comming releases...

Sorry, no - there's no way to recover the password, as that would be a
major security risk. Don't really want to add a secret question or
something like that either, as I think it's too easy to break (anyone
can find out your mothers maiden name, to take one example), and will
make the file format more complex than it needs to be.

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