Hi, Erik. I'd like to know when you have the development underway and can use a hand as well. I'd like to help, and if I might add a feature request; I'd personally like to see a strong separation between the data and I/O portions of revelation and the GUI front-end... then I could make a console front-end while utilizing the same data backend (and not have it pull in any Gnome/X11 dependencies).

Please let me know when you've got an initial start in place and need some help!


Erik Grinaker wrote:
On Sun, 2007-08-12 at 18:35 -0400, Louis-Dominique Dubeau wrote:
On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 12:48 +0700, Erik Grinaker wrote:
Not currently, no - it's on the todo-list, but I haven't had much time
to work on Revelation for the last couple of years, and it doesn't seem
likely to change anytime soon :(
First of all, thanks for the work on revelation.  I had my own
home-grown password management system but it was a pain in the ass to
manage and because it was a pain in the ass, I did not use it well.
I've recently converted all my entries to revelation.  Because it is
much nicer to use than my own system, I'm much better at managing my
passwords well now.

I'm a bit concerned about the development of revelation however.  There
are features I'd like to see but if development is at a stall, the wait
may be long.

Yeah, I haven't done much work on Revelation lately, as I've spent the
last 3 years living and travelling in various places in Asia and had
better things to do :) But I have some newfound motivation, and have
started a rewrite for version 0.5.0, maybe it'll be out within the year.

The features I'd like to see are:

- The capability to sort entries within folders.

In version 0.5.0, there won't be any folders - accounts will be
organized by tags and accessed by searching.

- An additional field for sensitive information.  This field would be
treated as a secret just like the password field is a secret.  The
primary use I would have for that field would be to record the phrases
from which I sometimes build password.  For instance, I can use:

yesterday, I ate all the cookies in the jar

To make up the password:


But the thing is that I want to record *both* the phrase and the
password.  Right now, there is no field that can serve that function

In version 0.5.0, you will be able to create or modify account types,
and add arbitrary fields to accounts.

It would be possible for me to contribute code but my time is also
limited so being able to streamline communication channels is important.
What would be the best way for me to get that kind of functionality into

I'm not sure if there's anything you can do right now, as I've just
started a rewrite. Once I get the basics in place, it should be easier
to join in on the development - I'll let you know.

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