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On Mon, 2007-08-20 at 12:09 -0600, Remi Broemeling wrote:
Hi, Erik. I'd like to know when you have the development underway and can use a hand as well. I'd like to help, and if I might add a feature request; I'd personally like to see a strong separation between the data and I/O portions of revelation and the GUI front-end... then I could make a console front-end while utilizing the same data backend (and not have it pull in any Gnome/X11 dependencies).

Yep - the reason why it doesn't work right now is that we are using a
gtk.TreeStore subclass to store the accounts, and importing gtk requires
there to be a DISPLAY set. But this seems to have been fixed in pygtk
2.10 (which Revelation 0.5.0 will depend on in any case), so it should
be a non-issue.

Solving the DISPLAY having to be set will be nice, but I'd actually prefer if the change went a little further. My suggestion is for the library side of revelation (the data-access side) to not depend on GTK at all.

The reasoning behind this is fairly simple: I'd like to have a console version of revelation, I'd like to have it easily installable on a headless box that does not have GTK installed. Installing GTK comes with a fair chunk of dependencies and other libraries that a headless box usually has little to no use for.

I've looked through the code a little bit, and I was hoping that we could take out gtk.TreeStore and replace it with a different TreeStore, one that isn't provided by GTK and doesn't depend on PyGTK/GTK. I've spent a little time looking around and haven't found any obvious open source TreeStore classes (other than the one provided by GTK), but even then could we perhaps write a TreeStore class that doesn't depend on GTK instead of using PyGTK's?

Let me know what you think.
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