On Sat, 2007-09-15 at 15:01 +0400, can3p wrote:
> Hello.
> I'm trying to write an application to handle with revelation file
> format. The thing, I've encountered, is that file format
> specification(doc/encryption.html) is not equal to the realization
> (datahandler/rvl.py). Is this a specification for future versions?

Yeah, that's right - the specification is a work-in-progress for version
0.5.0, but it is likely to have many changes before it is finalized. The
code reflects the file format for version 0.4.x, but please use the
latest public release and not the svn trunk, as there have been some
changes there.

> Also, I've found a strange thing: when file is being imported, the
> password is cropped to 32 chars. So if password is longer then it, all
> the chars after 32 are cut off. I think, it's not a right behavior.

Yeah, that's right - I can't really remember why I did this, but it does
seem kind of silly in retrospect.

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