Quoting Marcin Owsiany <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I have just discovered revelation, but before I can use it, I need a
> non-X way to access the passwords as well. I have seen a promise of
> writing a shell program to access the file, but I guess that won't
> happen soon.

Yeah, I'm planning on providing a command-line and/or curses interface to the
passwords after 0.5.0 - but it will be a while until this is done.

> In the meantime, could you provide just a simple shell or python snippet
> to just decrypt the file, and dump its contents to stdout? Just
> something that would keep all parts of a password entry relatively near
> to each other, so that I could "grep -5" it for a name and get the
> password?

Check out this mail:


Attached to it is a script which will decrypt the file and print the raw XML
data to stdout. You have to change a few variables in the top of the script
before running it. Unfortunately it needs you to save the password to disk
(unless you use a ramdisk), but it should be fairly easy to modify it to ask the
user for a password.

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