I want to propose to add a Chip-card entry. Where one can add both a PIN 
and PUK code together. I have now 3 of those (Identity card, Mobile 
phones) and it would be nice to not have to create 2 (or 4) entries per 
chipcard. (some cards also have a PIN2 and PUK2 code).

Looking at the different pieces I put into Revelation, I also use it for:

 + Subscription info for ISP (email/username/password/customer number/contact 
        I use Generic now

 + Mailinglist info (username/password/email/admin url)
        I use Website now

We've discussed this before. I now abuse some fields to add different data 
while I would prefer either the freedom to add my own fields or have a 
textbox comment field where I can put extra miscellaneous data.

Both would work better than the current abuse.

Kind regards,
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