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> Quoting Dag Wieers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> > Revelation cannot handle a disk-full situation. I just lost all my 
> > passwords (file was 0 bytes in size).
> I will have a closer look at this once I'm back home though, would be nice to
> avoid these situations.

In my opinion this should be tackled by Gnome/Unix, as almost every 
program has this problem. (at least mozilla/firefox, galeon, gaim, 
rrdtool) Each allows to corrupt or nullify config and data files.

What's strange is that revelation freezed (GUI was not updating anymore) 
so I wasn't even able to write it to another location.

And Gnome should probably also have a general warning pop-up when the disk 
is getting full, so people can fix it right away.

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