Dag Wieers wrote:
I´m now on a new job where I cannot anylonger share the same laptop at home and at work. This requires me to have my passwords on 2 places, which is a merging/conflict problem waiting to happen.

Yeah, this sucks and should be handled somehow :)

One solution would be to allow for webdav access from within revelation, so I Can share my passwords wherever I have web-access. (But I still would have a problem when I don´t have web-access)

Revelation already supports webdav, as well as ftp, http, ssh, etc through gnome-vfs. Either try passing an url on the command-line, set up a server connection in nautilus and open it there, or do it via the file chooser (with Control-L).

Another solution would be some sort of merge capability, where timestamps per password would help in keeping track of what entity is newer when merging. Together with webdav this would allow for syncing in both directions.

Merging is planned for the 0.5.x series (starting work on it next week), as it requires some changes to the file format before it's really fool-proof.

Another solution would be to, instead of allowing for 1 password file, to have several password-files. So that I can have one for work-related items (and a read-only for personal stuff) at work (and vice-versa). Revelation in this case could work much like Sunbird is doing with multiple calendars. (Or like nautilus with different "roots".

Hm, although this may be a somewhat common scenario, I think it would be better to simply start several instances of Revelation. It's probably gonna add too much complexity to be worth it.

Now, being on holiday abroad, added another problem. I´m here sitting in a public Internet terminal (Windows) with no way to start a graphical X interface. So I´m shut out of my passwords. I could have written the important ones down before I left (or remembered them :)), but I didn´t think to spend some time behind this computer anyway. An ncurses interface to my passwords would have helped. Any plans for that ?

Yeah, an ncurses-interface, as well as various command-line options are planned for the 0.6.x series.

Anyway, thanks for listening.

Much appreciated, the only way to make Revelation better is through user feedback, so drop me a mail whenever you get an idea or something just annoys you :)

One of Revelations avid fans,

Great, seems to be getting more of them by the day ;p

Enjoy your vacation!

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