Erik Grinaker wrote:

Hi all,

I've drafted a quick list of the default account types for Revelation
0.5.0, but would like to get some feedback on it. So if you think I'm
missing an important (ie widely used) account type, there's too few or
too many fields in some of the accounts, or anything else, please let me


The most common field I want to store in Revelation, but can't (without overloading the Hostname field, say), is a reminder question / answer. E.g. What is your favourite colour.

Then there are things I've wanted to do once or twice. Custom fields would deal with this nicely:
* customer number (when different from, say, account number)
* a URL in relation to *anything* - e.g. a shell account has a URL that has help on it

Also, how about a bank account record? All countries will be different, but you should be able to define one that handles +95% of cases, hopefully? Maybe the fields could be:
* Name
* Account name
* Branch (string, could be branch name, or a numeric code, SORT code (UK), BSB (Aus))
* Account (numeric account number, or string if needed)
* Password?


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