On Thu, 2006-02-16 at 08:45 +1100, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
> Erik Grinaker wrote: 
> > On Wed, 2006-02-15 at 13:25 +1100, Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
> > > Also, how about a bank account record?  All countries will be different, 
> > > but you should be able to define one that handles +95% of cases, 
> > > hopefully?  Maybe the fields could be:
> > >  * Name
> > >  * Account name
> > >  * Branch (string, could be branch name, or a numeric code, SORT code 
> > > (UK), BSB (Aus))
> > >  * Account (numeric account number, or string if needed)
> > >  * Password?
> > >     
> > 
> > Ho hum, not so sure about this. I've had other requests for this as
> > well, but I don't really see why this should be stored in Revelation.
> > The data isn't exactly secret (it's public data in Norway, at least),
> > and I'm sure you'll get a nice overview of your accounts in your banks
> > web-interface anyways? 
> >   
> :-) I accept this (I remember it being raised before - might have been
> by me even).  But I'm getting back to my leaning towards Revelation
> being my de facto PIM (PIM != calendar or email in this context).
> I've got tax file numbers and medicare numbers (Aus), and it suits me
> well for this purpose.
> If the Notes field is there, and it's searchable, then that's gonna be
> good enough.

Yeah, it might be worth considering making Revelation more of a PIM, but
for now I'll keep the focus on making it a password manager. Shouldn't
be anything stopping you from using it as a PIM anyways, but making it a
real PIM would obviously require a rethink of the user interface and

I'll think about making the Notes field searchable - a bit afraid of
searching too many fields as this may result in getting too many hits
when searching, but I'll see how it works out.

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