On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 16:23 -0500, Leo Dopson wrote:
>  I don't think it is really necessary to create specific account types,
> this seems like it would be difficult to maintain (constantly changing).
> I think the user should be able to create "ALL" types, the specific
> types already existing in the system are good examples (and should be
> kept), but they should be treated more like templates an not de facto.
> Here is my suggestion:
> Allow the user to create their own fields, label them and use them to do
> whatever is needed. The fields should also contain an attribute that
> allows whether the field should be copied or not.

Yeah, that is how it's planned to work for version 0.5.0. Revelation
will ship with a default set of about 10-15 account types, but you will
be able to change, add or remove account types as you want. I haven't
worked out all the details yet, but that's the goal anyways.

Not really sure what you mean by an attribute to allow the field to be
copied or not. When you specify custom fields, you will be able to
choose the field type, such as "secret" (passwords etc),
"userid" (usernames, customer ids etc), "string", and more. These will
determine how the field is handled - how it's displayed and edited,
whether it will be copied to clipboard when clicking "Go to", and more.

> I really like this tool and would like to keep using it, and hopefully
> improving it as well.

Great, let me know if you have more suggestions

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