here comes the stroy:
finnaly i decided to store my password in a file, so i try to find the best solution. my requirements:
- be able to us it on linux
- be able to us it on windows, why? sometimes i only has my pendrive and would like to know on of my password and only has windows machine around:-(
- may be on windows mobile(?)
- some kind of command line and gui
that's why i decided to use passwordsafe which seems to be an old 'well-known' supported format at the first sight. unfortunately it is not. after i fill my file with dozens of entries and edit both from linux and windows it's turn out passwordsafe is not utf-8 ready and mess the database. so i do some research. the currenly useable tools:
  - native windows version is not utf-8 ready:-(
  - java version is not start:-(
  - seems to work correctly, but runs only on linux
  - currently the only candidate
  - not able to import a simple test file
  - not able to import a simple test file
so why do i ask on this list?
it seems there is no simple one solution, what's more the hardest thing is the windows solution. so i decided to look into possibility and try to make a good decision.

first about the file format.
if it can be a cross-platform solution then it wont be so important, but since there is not it is. the passwordsafe v2 or v3 seems to be a good choise, since many program (state, that it's) support it.

rewrite everything from sratch. it's most of the time the best solution, but longer and i don't realy has so much free time:-(

choose one of the current solution enhance it and to my need. in this case the programing language and tools are import since it have to be supported on linux, windows and may be even on windows mobile. c/c++ would be the obvious solution, but the original passwordsafe has the worst source code and the biggest problem (no utf-8 support). so java and python remains. both has windows mobile version.

that's the end of the story:-)
so my querstions about revelation:
- is the data, the io and the gui layer are realy separated and platform independent? from the first look at the source it seems, but who knows:-) - TODO contains "ensure complete UTF-8 support" and "fix unicode encoding/decoding" does this means that the current version is not utf-8 clean?
- is there any plan to create a command line version?
- is there any plan to create a windows version?
- is there any plan to create a windows mobile version?
- why do you create a new file format? may it can be better:-0 ok i read the docs about it and has a few comment:
  - group would be a better name than folder and enrty or item then
    account to think about future or external extansion (but it's
    just taste)
  - a small typo: account's changed or updated?
  - why and account can contain folder and accounts? is this realy
    useful? it's something file can contain directories!?
  - another typo filed has typename or name?
  - in accounts and fields "If the application recognizes the type in
    the type attribute it should use its own name" then why the typename
  - why the fields' datatype is required? wouldn't be a default string
  - where the magic string comes from?
  - it'd be usefult to review the encryption page by some 'well-known'
    security expert.

for me it seems that revelation is the onw which can be a good choise. it has nice features like nice gui, gnome applet, import and export many formats (so i can use it on my linux and convert everything to the prefered format and use that file on all other platform) etc.. at the same time it may be extendable to support my needs to:-)

btw. just a bug report: revelation's passwordsafe v2 importer is not working. ie: not able to recognize the file as passwordsafe v2 file and even if i manualy set it not able to import it. just look at the attached simple test file which password is "qwerty". which means even the most basic functionality are broken:-(

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