On Mon, May 8, 2006 5:50 am, Farkas Levente said:
> it's amazing!
> that's exactly what i like to see:-)))
> i'd realy nice to include it into python-crypto! is there any progess in
> this way?

Not yet, but I plan to try and propose it soon.

> did you try it with freeotfe? so it can open a file as a container for a
> file not a file as container for a filesystem?

No, I currently don't have access to a windows system.  LUKS just
specifies a data section that can contain anything at all.  LUKS does not
put any restrictions on whatever goes into the data section.

Normally, when you use it through the linux kernel, you would create a
filesystem in the data portion of the LUKS file, but even the linux kernel
does not enforce that.  Once you set up the encryption, you can just read
directly from /dev/mapper/test ... so when testing my class, I can just
less /dev/mapper/test and see the XML data stored in the data section
directly.  (What you would do if it had a filesystem is something like
"mount /dev/mapper/test /mnt/test", which tells mount to read from

So for this revelation format, I just put the XML data directly in the
data portion, instead of a filesystem.


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