Issue 635: post-review cannot deal with files not in current version of  
repository, when using --revision-range

Comment #1 by jsankey:
I have seen a similar problem running the latest post-review on Windows.   
In my case
I had renamed files in the change, and the intial problem was triggered by
handle_renames.  I hacked the script to get past this point and hit the  
problem again
in convert_to_absolute_paths.  In both cases post-review was trying to run  
svn info
on files no longer in my working copy.

More generally speaking, if the revision range specified is in the past,  
running svn
info on local working copy files is not going to work.  These working files  
may no
longer exist, or the info may be affected by subsequent changes that do not  
apply to
the revision range.

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