Issue 677: CVSClient in post-review is particularly fragile with respect to  
qualified domains

Comment #10 by skip.montanaro:
I've tried several times to post it in the past few minutes, but I have no
idea what it wants for "Base Diff Path".  I tried the following:


All yielded tracebacks when I tried to view the diff.  I am completely
flummoxed by this field.  The unidiff was created from my reviewboard
sandbox and compares these files:

     Index: contrib/tools/post-review
     --- contrib/tools/post-review   (revision 1513)
     +++ contrib/tools/post-review   (working copy)

I checked out the reviewboard code with this svn command:

     vn checkout reviewboard

So, what should I use for the Base Diff Path field?  I googled for
"reviewboard base diff path" and was led to this blog: where it states, "the path relative to
the root of your Subversion repository where you generated the diff".



P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, I am a complete novice at this reviewboard.
Coincidentally, I'm also pretty much of a code review and Subversion novice,
so my mistakes are likely to be ones which you might want to cover
thoroughly in tutorial material.

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