Issue 679: Update ReviewBoard to be compatible with official Perforce  
P4Python API

Comment #2 by ciaomary:
It looks like ReviewBoard is using the Public Depot version rather than  
release that just came out. See the release notes item #7:

     7. Compatibility with the P4Python from the Public Depot

     Perforce P4Python is significantly different from the version of
     P4Python in the Perforce Public Depot. Perforce P4Python
     contains several improvements and interface changes
     intended to make P4Python consistent with the other scripting
     interfaces and with Python in general.

     If you are migrating from Public Depot version of P4Python, edit your
     scripts to ensure that the scripts comply with the new
     interface. The differences are detailed below.

The reason I think this is important is because the 2008.1 version fixes a  
memory leak in p4python (according to the release notes.) The API is  
different and I
don't think RB can pick up the new API. (for one sources have 'import p4')  
I could
be mistaken, but this was my interpretation of the release notes.

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