Issue 401: Comments should be inserted into diff below lines being  
discussed, instead of in dialog box

Comment #3 by chipx86:
Making the UIs configurable makes it a pain to maintain, document and  

After careful consideration, I've decided not to go the inline route, as  
there's a
number of problems associated with it:

1) If you're reviewing a large number of lines, you have no way of seeing  
both the
text entry and the diff lines at the same time.

2) There's no good way of indicating which lines the comment is associated  
with. The
comment flags do a better job of this, and will do an even better job once  
they show
line ranges (soon).

3) People don't always want to just see the comments appear. We'd need a  
good way of
letting users show/hide all these, and that's even more unclear. Where do  
you go for
this? Top of the page? Have a floating window somewhere? It just seems to  
me that
it'll get in the way at times.

4) It'll appear even more like you're supposed to reply to comments by  
attaching a
new comment to a line. This is a problem we have today, where people try to  
use the
diff viewer to reply to reviews, which produces unexpected results. We  
don't want to
encourage this further.

What I am doing is revising the comment dialog to be smaller, appear below  
comment range at a better default position, and to make it a lot more clear  
how to
reply to existing comments and how to create new comments.

I'm hijacking this bug for the new design and will be closing when the  
change goes in.

Issue attribute updates:
        Status: Started
        Owner: chipx86
        Labels: Milestone-Release1.0

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