Issue 731: post-review broken

New issue report by erichuss:
When posting a review with the latest version of post-review (r1555), I get
an error:

Unable to parse diff header: : No such file or directory

I am using p4 on FreeBSD.  I tracked the problem down to changes in the
execute() and _depot_to_local() functions.  It now includes a newline at
the end which causes problems.  In detail:

_depot_to_local returns '/path/to/file\n'.  Notice the newline at the end.
  Before, _depot_to_local used to call .splitlines() on the output of
execute(), but it has been changed to say split_lines=True which causes
slightly different behavior (because execute uses readlines to "split"  

Then, diff_cmd becomes:

['diff', '-urNp', '/tmp/tmpw-ajEg', '/path/to/file\n']

When trying to execute this command, it thinks the filename has a newline
in it which causes it to fail (on my system, at least).

Issue #726 might be the same or similar problem.

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