Comment #1 on issue 775 by eskil.olsen: "Add Comment" displays input field,  
but no save or such button.

FF error console shows ;

Error: this.el.dom.value is undefined
Source File: http://asg-reviews.asglab/media/rb/scripts/rb/widgets.js
Line: 456

YAHOO.extendX(RB.widgets.AutosizeTextArea, YAHOO.ext.util.Observable, {
      * Auto-sizes this text area to match the content.
      * This works by setting our proxy element to match the exact width
      * of our text area and then filling it with text. The proxy element
      * will grow to accommodate the content. We then set our text area
      * to the resulting height.
     autoSize: function() {
         this.proxyEl.moveTo(-10000, -10000);

         this.proxyEl.dom.innerHTML =
  >>>>>        this.el.dom.value.htmlEncode().replace(/[\n]/g, "<br  

         var newHeight = Math.max(this.minHeight,
                                  + this.el.getBorderWidth('tb')
                                  + this.el.getPadding('tb'));


         this.fireEvent('resize', this);

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