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Comment #13 on issue 790 by chipx86: Replying to comments sometimes  
pre-fills with most-recently-added reply text

Glad it works :)

The GettingStarted wiki page is the best bet for instructions right now. It  
has a
section on migrating from SVN. There's not much you have to worry about.  
Move away
your existing install directory, then follow the instructions for  
installing Review
Board and creating your site. You can then copy your database file over (if  
sqlite) or just enter your database info for MySQL or whatever. Update your  
Apache config file for the site to look like the one provided in the conf/  
under your new site directory. The main highlights there include the  
variable and the media directories.

Upgrades from then on include upgrading ReviewBoard and Djblets packages,  
'rb-site upgrade', and restarting Apache. Right now, updating ReviewBoard  
or Djblets
will grab nightlies. Later on, we'll have bleeding edge snapshots (new ones  
on each SVN commit), and releases. Releases will take precedence and you'll  
need a
config option to move back to nightlies, which I'll document when we  
perform the
first release.

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