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New issue 798 by onkarshinde: CVS repository configured as per the  
documentation does not work

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. As per the documentation provided at
I configured the CVS repository.
The path is of the form - :pserver:usern...@
I have also specified the username and password. But I got some
authentication error while trying to view the diff of a review request.
2. Then I removed the username from the path while keeping
username/password configuration. Still I got authentication error.
3. In the end I specified the path in form
:pserver:username:passw...@ And that worked.

It looks like the username and password specified in the configuration were
being ignored in both 1st and 2nd scenario.
I believe that problem is somewhere in scmtools/, but I am not able
to figure out where exactly.

Also the documentation might need and update.

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