Comment #3 on issue 660 by jefflamb: RFE: Eclipse plugin for ReviewBoard

We have the same problem.  We'd love it if we could have the same  
integration as SVN+Eclipse
(Subversive).  Right now, ctrl-alt-c on a folder creates a new commit  
dialog for all files
in and below that top-level folder.  It allows you to enter descriptions  
and select which
files you want to include in the commit.  It's awesome, and could probably  
be duplicated
nearly verbatim if you can still use as the back-end:

Here's our crude solution that works moderately well in WindowsXP.  It  
automates the review
submission, but doesn't allow you to select individual files or add  
from eclipse.


@echo off
SET ReviewNum=""
SET ProjectsToCheck=.
SET Reviewers=
cd %~dp0
cd ..

REM Get our list of reviewers based on who is logged in (winXP)
IF NOT %USERNAME%==firstname1.lastname1 SET  
IF NOT %USERNAME%==firstname2.lastname2 SET  
IF NOT %USERNAME%==firstname3.lastname3 SET  

REM This is a list of all externals we check for in a review submission
IF EXIST ./external1   SET ProjectsToCheck=%ProjectsToCheck% external1
IF EXIST ./external2   SET ProjectsToCheck=%ProjectsToCheck% external2
IF EXIST ./external3   SET ProjectsToCheck=%ProjectsToCheck% external3

SET /P ReviewNum="Review Board Review Number: (press enter for new): ":
IF %ReviewNum% == "" GOTO newReview

IF /i %ReviewNum% leq 0 GOTO needReviewNumber
IF /i %ReviewNum% geq 10000 GOTO needReviewNumber

python ./reviewboard/ %ProjectsToCheck%  
--target-people=%Reviewers% -o -r

python ./reviewboard/ %ProjectsToCheck%  
--target-people=%Reviewers% -o

echo Done!
REM Ghetto way to get a sleep in windows xp
ping -n 4 >nul

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