Comment #1 on issue 818 by Name conflict in  

Consider an alternative (to the original poster): namespace your fields.  
Since Django
doesn't do so already, consider providing your own helper,
def _colname(unqualifiedName):
     return "my_namespace_" + unqualifiedName

Then use _colname() everywhere you name a column. The rb authors could do  
this to,
but they are the purveyor of the base model, so that doesn't seem like it  

If you're referring to the 'id' python class member, then you might be SOL  
(I have
next to no python experience). If that's the case, then it probably makes  
sense for
there to be a 'best practice' for explicitly namespacing your fields when  
you extend
classes you didn't write and/or don't control (in some languages, you can  
be warned
when you are accidentally overriding/shadowing a method/field, but I am not  
sure that
would be possible in python).

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