Comment #2 on issue 838 by It's impossible to type certain  
letters (e.g. 'a' and 'A') into Summary and Description fields when  
diffviewer is active

Yup, I'm also getting this while updating summary/description/testing on a  
page (Firefox 3.0.6 and a quick test in Safari).

Sticking Firebug breakpoints on diffviewer.js shows that the call to stop  
propagation while we're in textarea and input fields never actually gets  

Checking the output of the jQuery selector $("textarea, input") appears to  
reveal the
problem.  As this selector gets executed only one time when the document  
"ready", it only sees the textarea/inputs that exist at that time.  i.e. the
dynamically-created ".editable" fields aren't included and so don't get the
propagation-cancelling function attached.

Basically it appears to be a race between this and the $(".editable").each  
code in
reviews.js.  Which, as I don't know jQuery, I can't really help to solve.   

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