Comment #6 on issue 396 by jefflamb: Whose 'court' the review in currently  

Just throwing in my 2 cents for when someone gets around to implementing  
this, as this is one of the
main annoyances I have with reviewboard.  I spend a lot of time re-opening  
reviews to see what's
happened.  I think what people want is a "My next requested action"  
column.  Calling it status would
still work, but tailored to the next action would be best.

The above comments address the issue for outgoing reviews.  For incoming  
reviews, however, it'd be
nice to see how the logged-in reviewer last addressed the review.

Incoming statuses:
"Review needed"
"Draft review saved"
"Review submitted, awaiting new diff"
"Review submitted, marked as Ship It"

Outgoing statuses:
"Awaiting reviews"
"Modifications requested, approved by N of N reviewers"
"Approved by N of N reviewers"
"Ready to submit"

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