Comment #4 on issue 821 by jonathan.ballet: Updating a diff with a diff +  
parent diff does not work.

Actually, using Wireshark, I can see that the server send the following  

{"stat": "fail", "err": {"msg": "The file was not found in the  
repository", "code":
207}, "file": "buildout.cfg", "revision": "8a713b1f46b3"}

In fact, we are using Mercurial Queue (aka. mq) to manage our patches in our
If we have several patches in a queue (two patches in my case), the diff  
header for
the first one contains the hash number of the latest commit in my Mercurial
repository, which is fine. This patch is well understood by ReviewBoard.
However, for the second one, as it depends on the first one, the diff  
header contains
the hash number of the *first* patch, which doesn't exist in the repository  
which is subject to change I guess, it I update the corresponding patch).

In the scenario which triggers this bug, the patch I want to update is the  
one, and I want to set the first one as the parent patch.
In the captured response above, the revision correspond to the revision of  
the first
patch. And obviously, the buildout.cfg file exists in the repository (since  
the very
first commit).

I hope this can clarify the bug report. Don't hesitate to ask if you need  

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