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New issue 930 by Error building URL in the  
function '_make_url' in

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?
post-review function _make_url(self, path): has been failing for me in the
case where:

a) self.url = 'internal.server.local:1234/'
b) path = api/json/reviewrequests/ or path = '/api/json/reviewrequests/'

this is due to app = ' ' caused by
app = urlparse(self.url)[2]

I suggest the following changes:
a) change the '/' removal to be as follows (more intuitive)
  if path[0] == '/':
     path = path[1:]
b) chance else/if case to be
if(app == None or app == ''):
     url = urljoin(self.url, path)
    url = urljoin(self.url, urljoin(app,path) )

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