Comment #1 on issue 906 by ciaomary: ReviewBoard not able to handle a large  
number of inline code review comments

More info on bug (as reporting in mailing list discussion):

The performance problem is reproducable by creating comments on
multiple different line numbers of the diff. Each line diff comment
results in a seperate HTTPS GET request when the page is loaded. These
are what the GET requests look like (in FireBug):

Firebug's log limit has been reached. %S entries not shown.
GET https://reviewboard/r/3043/reviews/5911/fragment/diff-comment/9742/?1...

304 Not Modified
                 180ms   jquery-1....1.min.js (line 19)
GET https://reviewboard/r/3043/reviews/5961/fragment/diff-comment/9789/?1...

304 Not Modified
                 48ms    jquery-1....1.min.js (line 19)
GET https://reviewboard/r/3043/reviews/5964/fragment/diff-comment/9792/?1...

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