Comment #4 on issue 965 by brad.taylor: Edit buttons on Review Request  
screen are not accessible

Updated patch to make the button focusable (by using an <a> tag) and thus  
via Firefox (when a user hits Enter, Firefox will generate the onClick  
event for
focused items).  Unfortunately, the aria-label will only show up with FF  
3.1 and the
latest Orca.

   edit-button-a11y-v2.patch       - patch to Djiblets to change the image  
   edit-button-a11y-v2-part2.patch - some style fixes

I tried to post this to, but it seems that the patch  
Djiblets (which is a svn:external) is freaking it out.  Any tips?

        edit-button-a11y-v2.patch  774 bytes
        edit-button-a11y-v2-part2.patch  401 bytes

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