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New issue 998 by david.allouche: post-review GUI for Windows Explorer

There should be a GUI for post-review integrated with the Windows Explorer.

A lot of Windows users are very uncomfortable using the command line. The
poor quality of the standard Windows command line does not help either.
Actually, they are so uncomfortable using the command line that it is

Even a rudimentary user interface that generates a correct diff as a file
that can be posted manually through the web interface would be a big
improvement over generating the diff with TortoiseSVN or the command line.

Ideally, the user story for this should look like:

  * Download a run a setup.exe.
  * Right click on a directory icon, or within a directory window, in
Explorer to display the contextual menu.
  * Navigate into the "Reviewboard" sub-menu.
  * Select one of "Request review of uncommitted changes", "Request review
of committed changes", etc.
  * The first time, a wizard interface shows up to allow the user to set up
the configuration. The wizard is preferred for the first interaction as it
gives room to provide contextual documentation.
  * On subsequent occurrences, the interaction is done through a single
dialog that displays the parameters used and provides an opportunity for
changing them.
  * The interaction should allow both creating a new review, or uploading a
new diff to an existing review.
  * Both successful and failed submission of the diff should display visual

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