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New issue 1031 by sebastien.saunier: Keyboard shortcut only compatible with  
QWERTY keyboard


Our french developper team is going to use RB, but the shorcuts [ and ] for
privous and next comments are not working on a FR keyboard (I assume it's
because "[" = "AltGr + (" and "]" = "AltGr + )" on a french keyboard).

I added in /var/www/reviewboard/htdocs/media/rb/js/diffviewer.js the keys
"x" and "c" for previous and next comment, but I have two problem :
- What will happen when I will have to do a easy_install -U ReviewBoard
followed by a rb-site upgrade ? Will my change in the code overwritten ?
- I guess it would be nice to allow a personalisation of these shortcuts in
the admin dashboard.

Thank you very much for the good work !

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