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New issue 1037 by erichuss: post-review shouldn't stomp on testing done

I'm not sure if this is an issue with using Perforce, or if it happens in
all cases.

1. Post a review, and then edit the "testing done" section and publish.
2. Update your patch and then update the review doing "post-review 123456".

This will clear out the "testing done" section.  This can be easily fixed
by doing "--diff-only", but that can be easily forgotten.  I imagine this
doesn't happen much at vmware because from it looks like
you put the "testing done" in the change description, but we don't do that
(although it sounds like a good idea, we probably should).

It would be nice if it would detect that if when updating a review that it
would check if "testing done" has content, and the update has a blank value
that it should leave it as-is instead of clearing it out.

We do include "bugs fixed" in our change template, so that field is
relatively safe (for us).  I'm not sure if any other Perforce users run
into issues like this.  I'm just wondering if at vmware if you guys
typically use --diff-only when updating a review, or if you just avoid
manually updating any of the fields in reviewboard and only update the
change description in perforce to update those fields.

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