Comment #4 on issue 507 by thornsoft.chris: Add an option to paste in a  
diff instead of uploading for cvs users

I love this idea....
Paste a Unidiff from TSvn, etc.. right into the review request box.
Have some regex rules for stream editing the diff to make it fit.  In our  
(subversion with Tortoise), the diffs from Tortoise are nearly correct, but  
a little editing of the paths at the top.

This would save a few steps.  And with some simple regex/stream editing, we  
be able to cook up rules to fix most diffs, on-the-fly.

Also, in our case, post-review isn't a good solution.  We typically have  
files in various directories that need to go into the same review, yet  
there are
files in those directories that have changed, but are NOT part of the  
review.  So we
need to make a UniDiff that spans several directories, with just the files  
that we
want.  Tortoise can make these Diffs easily, and ReviewBoard handles them  
(multiple files from different directories, in a single diff).

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